Adventure Box

Get kids hooked on reading

AdventureBox stories and characters are brought to life by talented British actors. The audio recordings will gently accompany children as they become independent readers.
Receive 5 CDs (each CD contains stories from 2 issues) with your magazines.

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120.00 CHF

In each issue (68 pages) there is an exciting illustrated story for newly independent readers divided into manageable chapters. Action, suspense, drama, adventure, humour: children will discover different genres and develop their literary taste. Colourful illustrations on every page will engage children's interest and ensure they will enjoy the challenge of reading on their own.
NatureBox has great photographs and fascinating scientific information helping children discover the natural world. There are puzzles and games to stimulate children's literacy, observation and reasoning skills in a fun way. The kids will love the hilarious comic-strip as the funny and mischievous characters will take readers on all sorts of adventures.

Périodicité Monthly
âge 3 - 9 years
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