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3 to 6 years old - Story Box's stories are brought to life by talented British actors. The audio recordings provide useful support with pronunciation and comprehension. Children will be able to enjoy the magazines on their own and will love listening to their favourite stories over and over again!

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A beautiful book-length story to read aloud. Written and illustrated by top authors and artists from all around the world. From fairy tales to exciting adventures, here are stories that children will want to share with you over and over again. Find also in each issue: • pages to answer children's questions about the world, with clear pictures and explanations ; • picture stories and comicstrips with great adventures and endearing heroes children will easily identify with: SamSam, Little Brown Bear, Polo and more ; • animal World introduces children to a new animal every month, with beautiful pictures and simple texts ; • games and fun activities to stimulate children’s creativity and observation skills.

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